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1SpecialPlace has created a space for itself in the field of speech and language development in kids and adults. We have a readership presence in over 50 countries and are visited by over 2000 unique visitors every month on our blog. Our apps have been downloaded 50K thousand times worldwide. We have a global team of content writers who specialize in writing about speech therapy, audiology, occupational therapy and special education. We also have a growing community on Facebook with over 3500 members across our Facebook groups moderated by our content writers where members regularly share tips and problems regarding speech and language development

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Rs500/ week
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  • Regular posts on Facebook Group
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Rs500/ week
  • Listing on website event calendar
  • 2 emails in a week to our subscribers
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Rs800/ week
  • Includes Plan A + Plan B + Plan C

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Speech Therapy Helpline

An innovative portal for enriching Speech,Language, Hearing, Cognitive, Early Literacy, Motor, Social and other developmental skills of your child. Here you can find unique toys, tools and research based material to help your child discover the joys of communicating, participating and learning.

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The Telerehab Club

A group for Telepractising Professionals. It has been created to pool in ideas and tips that help telepractioners in the fields of Speech Therapy, Special Education, Occupational Therapy, Child psychology and Counselling.

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Jumpstart Your Childs Speech

A group run by Mum Speech therapists who have been dealing with children with normal and delayed development for many years. The group aims to reach out and help all those mothers who are seeking advice, tips and ideas to promote their child’s speech language and communication skills.

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