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We are dedicated to helping children and their families. We're proud to offer an online therapy support system that can be accessed from home.

Who will benefit ?

We serve clients of all age groups.

What do we do ?

We provide therapy services and digital resources through our platform - Therakonnect.


Therapy Programs for Children

Therapy Programs for Adults

Stroke and Aphasia

We provide customised therapy for individuals diagnosed with Aphasia (Loss of Language). We strive to improve the speech clarity, fluency, voice and communication.

Parkinson's disease

We provide Oral Motor Programs and customised Language intervention for individuals with Parkinson’s Disease.

Pronunciation Difficulties

Enhance confidence and communicate better by overcoming your pronunciation difficulties. Multiply your success with our customised plans for speech clarity.


Our online programs are very effective in helping individuals with dementia. We work on language enhancement and improving overall communication.

Voice Disorders

Voice difficulties prevail among professional voice users like singers, teachers, lawyers and others. Get customised professional help for helping you improve your voice.

Accent Modification

Overcome accent difficulties with our graded programs. Help available for all Indian languages and English.

Special Programs

Voice Care

A program designed to improve your voice to guided changes in vocal behaviours and lifestyle. Suitable for professional voice users like coaches, singers, actors, teachers etc.

Speech Fit

A holistic program designed to improve speech clarity, reduce native language accent and enhance overall communication.

Our Prices

Speech Therapy Mini Short duration INR 449 per session

Great if you need a short duration session.

Speech Therapy upto 10% off INR 799 per session

Regular sessions of 45mins duration. Bulk discounts available on this service.

Speech Therapy Exclusive Premium offering INR 1,999 per session

Super service, premium benefits and added value for those who desire something extra!

Occupational Therapy upto 10% off INR 799 per session

Regular sessions of 45mins duration. Bulk discounts available on this service.

Special Education upto 10% off INR 749 per session

Regular sessions of 45mins duration. Bulk discounts available on this service.

Odd Hour Service Outside working hours INR 1,199 per session

Regular sessions of 45mins duration of Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Special Education. Bulk discounts available on this service.

Speak Easy Special Stuttering Program INR 24,999

A holistic 3 month stuttering program. Avail upto 10% discount. Attractive EMI option available.

Avail attractive discounts if you book more than 10 sessions

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