Online Speech Therapy For Adults and the Elderly

Online Speech Therapy For Adults and the Elderly

1SpecialPlace is not only for kids, but also for grown-ups. We are a multidisciplinary team which is trained and equipped for the intervention and treatment via online speech therapy for adults and the elderly. An online Speech Therapy expert can help you from the convenience of your home and save you the exhausting trip to the the Speech Therapy center in your locality. All you need to get our Online Speech Therapy for Adults service is a computer and a broadband internet connection.

speech therapy for adults

Online Speech Therapy for Adults is customized and tailor made to suit your needs. We’ve assisted a lot of adults with the following issues:

  • Stammering/Stuttering
  • Aphasia secondary to Stroke/Accidents
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Dementia
  • Voice Problems
  • Unclear Speech/Pronunciation
  • Accent Modification

Online Speech Therapy for Adults is highly effective for those who are looking for convenient flexible options. You can access these sessions from your home/office/college. It’s also a tremendous aid for adult carers who have to take their loved ones to local centres for therapy.

Speech Therapy online works just like speech therapy delivered in a centre/clinic. The only difference is that you will meet your therapist online. You’ll see the therapist on a large screen, and he or she will be able to view, talk to, and interact with you in real time. There are various exercises and techniques that can be done in online speech therapy sessions all of which will aid in improving your speech.


All sessions at 1SpecialPlace are conducted in a safe and personalised environment. You are given a special ‘Online Room’ for yourself where the therapist helps you with a variety of activities and exercises. All 1SpecialPlace therapists are certified and highly qualified professionals who work according to latest standards. All information is kept confidential and safe.

How to start?

Please call (+919811210640) or email us ( or fill our contact form.

We provide an online demo of our services, free of cost, which also includes therapy videos and sample reports

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  • Sanaa

    Speech therapy required

  • Mona Maken

    My wife Mona suffered a paralytic stroke on Monday 25th August. She is not able to speak properly and fluently. Can you please arrange for online classes. Please tell the charges also.

    • Pratiksha Gupta

      We can help your wife with our online speech therapy treatment. Please feel free to call us to discuss more.

  • May Reyes

    my mother suffers mild stroke which affected her speech… We are from the Philippines. please give us info, prices and schedule of your service.thanks

    • Pratiksha Gupta

      Hi, We provide online help for stroke. You can contact us via email :
      or via WhatsApp message to +919760226001.
      We look forward to helping your mother.

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