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The 1SpecialPlace Story

Pratiksha Gupta, Founder

Online Speech Therapy & Communication | 1SpecialPlace is India’s leading online therapy provider. We started in 2014 in India and have served thousands of families with our dedicated professional services in the areas of Speech Language Therapy, Special Education, Occupational Therapy and Counselling.
1. Ethical and evidence based Telepractice
2. Confidentiality of data
3. Certified professional treatment.
Our exceptional team comprises of Speech specialists and IT stalwarts making us a formidable force. We have been awarded for our contributions by AssisTech Foundation, Amazon India, Hacker Earth and Viridian E Spark. Our mission is to leverage technology to offer holistic solutions to those in need.



Speech and Language Therapy

Even before babies come up with their first word, there are many pre-speech and pre-language skills that they must acquire before they can learn to form words. An online speech and language therapist can help with these and other skills.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy helps children develop and master skills for independence. Therapists help children learn to feed and dress themselves and teach them skills for playing and interacting with other children.

Special Education

Special education is the practice of educating students with special needs in a way that addresses their individual differences and needs. Each child with special needs should ideally receive instruction that is specially designed

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Speech and Language Delay

Goal based speech and language enhancement for children who have a speech and language delay as per their age


Customised Fluency Shaping Programs for individuals who stammer. Evidence based approach which has worked for hundreds around the globe!

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Improving language abilities for children with ASD for enhancing their social interactions and daily communication


Stroke can cause speech and language difficulties. We provide customised therapy to improve the speech clarity, fluency, voice and overall communication

Pronunciation Difficulties

Overcome your pronunciation issues with customised plans to improve your speech clarity. Help available for all Indian languages and English.

Hearing Loss

Effective therapy programs for children with hearing impairment who wear hearing aids or have Cochlear Implants

About Us


We always begin our Online Speech therapy program by doing a baseline evaluation session. After which we lay down a plan for the month. Each therapy session is 45 minutes which includes various activities to achieve the goals. For children with a pure Speech delay we would like to focus on improving the child’s receptive and expressive language skills, listening skills, compliance & attention along with enhancing his overall communication and connection with parents. We use a variety of digital and hands on activities which are all custom made for the child. Home work and counselling the mother are also provided to ensure better follow up and carry over on days when therapy is not held.
A Speech therapist needs to see and hear a child during speech therapy, and this is completely possible through online speech therapy which is a video based interactive way of service delivery. We at 1SpecialPlace provide Online speech therapy through an interactive software which has inbuilt features to engage children via digital material which is customised for each child’s speech therapy needs and goals. We also employ hands on activities in our online sessions with the help and support of the parent at the other end. Its a very effective , evidence based protocol that we follow in our online sessions with children. Our children look forward to attending their highly interactive online sessions and even parents are able to sit in the session with their kids to learn how to generalise activities at home.
Our sessions are all tailor made. Right from the tools and tests which are used for assessments, to the techniques and activities carried out during the sessions, everything is suited to the individual. In Online speech therapy session programs for adults, one to one therapy, counselling and even group therapy is done. Online Speech Therapy can help adults with stammering, loss of language due to stroke, accidents etc ( Aphasia) , Parkinson’s Diseases, Dementia, Voice difficulties etc. We have seen great success for adolescents and adults who opt for online speech therapy services.
Read our detailed blog post on the benefits of online therapy to find out more.


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