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Top iPad Apps for Speech Therapy

Top iPad Apps for Speech Therapy

We all use iPads for our day-to-day life. Why not use it for Speech Therapy too? Yes, we are talking about top iPad apps for Speech Therapy. Speech Therapy can be made more fun at home. iPad has many apps that you can use. Further, there are various speech therapy apps for all issues. You will find apps for all speech-language disorders. In addition, apps for young children and adults are available.

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In this blog, we have come up with updated apps for Speech Therapy. Read on!

Top iPad Apps for Speech Therapy



Splingo is a great app for toddlers. Further, there are many levels starting from simple to more complex language skills. Furthermore, it sets up a foundational understanding of language. Toddlers can learn language skills easily. It has many fun and interactive games. In addition, it trains for language understanding and listening skills. Overall, it is friendly for kids. You can increase the level as the child ages too.

Tally Tots Counting

This is the best app to teach toddlers. Further, you can teach verbs, counting, language concepts, and 2-word combinations. Furthermore, it is rated as the top app. As the most engaging speech therapy app on the I-Store. It has 20 amazing mini-speech therapy activities and games. It will keep your kid engaged with fun-filled activities.

Bag Game by All4MyChild

This is an interactive digital game. It is just like a “what’s in the bag?” activity. Further, you can teach descriptive language. Also, teach how to ask questions. Furthermore, it helps your child to say longer sentences. You can work on teaching answering questions. Overall, it has 20 different questions with 100’s of graphics. You can change the difficulty level. The best part is, you can play this game at all times. That is while traveling, waiting in the car, and anywhere.

Follow Directions by Teach Speech Apps

As the name suggests, this is a great app to teach directions. Further, you can teach prepositions, temporal concepts, and much more. This app can be used from pre-school to 4th grade. Overall, it offers a quick and easy way to practice. Especially for the kids. It also has a 10-repetition drill for each direction following activity. In other words, if you’re child is struggling to listen to you, use this app.

Talkie Articulation


This app is developed by parents and speech therapists. It helps to teach speech sounds to young children. Further, the app focuses on helping kids to learn from a speech therapist. In other words, it is an app designed in a clinic with an evidence base. Kids can learn and practice mastering correct speech sounds. The app is best suited for kids with a speech sound disorder. So, download today!

Voice Volume Catcher

This app is suitable for kids. Further, you can teach children to control their volume. This is by playing games on the app. It has several interactive activities to train kids to use their best volume. The app is best suited for children who either speak too soft or too loud. Kids with special needs who talk softly will benefit from the app. So, it is suitable for all kids.


The Cuespeak app is for persons with aphasia. Further, this app can be used by both clinicians and by persons with aphasia. In addition, it is developed by researchers based in the UK. Furthermore, it has exercises including speech-language and cognitive abilities. However, this app needs the support of a therapist. In other words, to design a treatment plan for you. You can later practice at home. The therapist will lay your therapy plan. Then, you can practice at home.


This app is for persons with stuttering. The app works on the principle of delayed auditory feedback. It has auditory-based tasks. This is to help you slow down your speech. It can be useful to fix the fast rate of speech. Overall people with stuttering can benefit from the app. However, this app is only a temporary fix. Talk to your therapist for proper guidance.

Oro-Motor Small Talk

The app is for persons with oral motor issues. Further, people diagnosed with dysarthria can benefit from this. Also, persons with other motor speech disorders can use it. Further, the app has videos that illustrate how to do oral motor exercises. The tasks are for the lips, tongue, cheek, and jaw. Lastly, you can also watch the video shown and carry out the exercise. The app is simple and effective. You can learn and practice the exercise in real-time. Talk to your therapist to find out the right exercise to follow.

Language Therapy 4-in-1

This app is best for persons with aphasia. Therapists use it all over the world. It is suitable for mild to severe aphasias. It has tasks including speaking, listening, reading, and writing. This app trains all 4 skills. The skills are trained using interactive activities. The pictures in the app are suitable for adults with aphasia. You can use it for persons recovering from stroke or brain injury.


However, remember that these apps are not an alternative for speech-language therapy. If you feel your loved one has a speech difficulty. Consult today. Further, early intervention gives faster progress! So, do not wait and watch. Act today! 

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