choosing therapist

Choosing the Best Therapist for Your Child

Every parent is worried when they know their child needs help. Hence, during this stage., parents try to find answers. Further, there are many reasons why therapy is needed. Furthermore, choosing the best therapist for a child is a big decision. First it is essential to know what type of therapy the child may need. …

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play activities OT

Learning to Play with OT Activities

Play is a very important tool to learn various skills for a child and have a positive influence. It is the main occupation of a growing child. Play provides stimulation to learn, grow and refine many different skills. Play also provides opportunities for social interaction, stimulates social behavior and emotional regulation. Coordination, gross motor, fine …

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Rewards v/s Bribes: What works better?

When managing difficult behavior in children there are lots of parenting strategies one may employ. However, there is one sure shot strategy that all of us as parents have resorted to every now and then and it has often worked. That strategy is rewarding good behavior. This strategy is a part of what we call …

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neurogenic stuttering

“Wh’s” of Neurogenic Stuttering

What is Neurogenic Stuttering? Neurogenic stuttering is a rare type of fluency disorder. A person with neurogenic stuttering finds it difficult to maintain smooth speech while performing speech tasks. Neurogenic stuttering usually presents after some injury to the central nervous system. The injuries include: Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Cerebrovascular Accidents (CVA)/ Stroke Tumors/ Neoplasms Drug-induced …

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th sounds

Articulation Therapy: Teaching “TH” & “DH” Sound

Pronouncing the /TH, DH/ sounds can be a bit tricky for young children. And it is also a very commonly occurring sound in speech. If you are worried or concerned about your child’s pronunciation of the “TH” and “DH” sounds, this blog can help you with teaching these sounds to your child.   Why are …

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Picture Scene Activities for Adults

 What are Picture Scene activities? Picture scenes are nothing but scenes of various situations represented in a pictorial form. It can be a simple picture of a playroom to something as complex as a large playground. These are in the form of animated as well as real-life-like. Children and adults use picture scenes to improve …

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Articulation Therapy- Teaching ch and j sounds

The articulation therapy for /ch/ and /j/ sounds involves teaching the correct placement of the articulators (i.e, the oral structures and other structures involved in speech production) through various techniques and stages. Children usually develop the /ch/ and /j/ sounds a bit later, starting at around age four. However, if your child struggles to produce …

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Tips to get the most from Online Therapy

  Tele-rehabilitation can be challenging for those who want to start online therapy sessions. It can be even more challenging to transition from conventional therapy services to tele-therapy. Do not worry!! Here are some tips to get the most from online therapy.   Get a strong internet connection   A strong internet connection is needed …

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tele therapy for adults benefits

Benefits of TeleTherapy for Adults

TeleTherapy can present with various speech disorders across their life span. Speech disorders affect various subsystems such as articulation, fluency, respiration, voice and resonance and prosody. Teletherapy is highly effective for those who are looking for convenient options. These sessions can be accessed from anywhere. There are numerous benefits of teletherapy for adults with speech disorders.   …

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Benefits of Teletherapy for Early Intervention

We are going to talk about the benefits of teletherapy for early intervention. Early diagnosis and intervention are the roads to success. We know this! The early the intervention, the faster is the progress. Research has proven this. Our brains can learn fast at an early age. Early intervention is for kids below 5 years …

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