Super Mom and One Special Woman Awardee Anshul Batra

Super Mom and One Special Woman Awardee Anshul Batra
Anshul Batra wall of fame

We are back with another interview with the most beautiful super mom and this year’s One Special Woman awardee in the mother’s category – Mrs. Anshul Batra. She is an MBA graduate who left her career to understand and to help her son better in his wonderful journey. In conversation with Mrs. Anshul, here are excerpts from the interview.

Q. We would like to know about you in your own words.

My name is Anshul Batra. I am an engineer and MBA person by profession. I changed my profile when my son was born with autism and did Special Education in Autism to understand  him and Autism well. Did job in this field to gain experience and learning so that I can help my son well.

Q. We are excited to know about Ansh. Please share more about him that we don’t know yet.

Ansh was diagnosed with autism and hyperactivity. He is a very charming and good looking boy. He is very smart and intelligent; loves doing skating, swimming and paintings.

Q. Did he attend therapies? What changes you witnessed with therapies?

Like any other special need child, he too had attended therapies but at some point I realized that what he could learn at home, he couldn’t learn outside. So we did Special education, physical and speech at home.

Q. When and how did the journey in the field of arts begin? How did it continue to grow?

We accidentally introduced  him to art 2 years back, thinking of giving it a try and he took to it immediately. He is now learning formally from an artist and practices at home every day.



Q. When was the Ansh’s first art exhibition? Please share more about it.

Ansh had his first exhibition last year – 29th of April at Uchaan Gallery at Gold Souk Mall Gurgaon.


Second one was in June 2018

Third was on 17th march 2019

Fourth is coming on 6th of April at Gandhi Art Gallery.

Fifth on 19th April at Indian habitat Center.

Q. Did you face any challenges on this journey of making him an artist?

Nothing is easy to achieve, it demands persistence and hard work. We still face lots of challenges – he has lots of sensory issues. And he is growing so his moods,  and behaviour too changes a lot.

Q. Are you an artist too? 

No, I am not an artist I am just a full time mommy to Ansh Batra.

Q. What was the most overwhelming experience for you till date?

My overwhelming moment when his artwork travelled all over to Dubai.

Q. How does your typical – work day look like?

My day start with dropping Ansh to school and getting my housework done. Doing all my stuff done in first half of the day so that when Ansh’s is back home, I am ready and free to work with him.

Q. How does Ansh’s typical – work day look like?

Ansh goes to school till 2.45pm. Once he is back, he takes his physical class, art class, or class at home and then has his free time like seeing phone, i-Pad, playing with toys etc. On weekends he enjoys going to cafes with his dad.

Q. What are your hobbies and interests?

I love designing my home and clothes.

Q. Other than Arts, what are Ansh’s hobbies or activities he likes?

Ansh is very good in sports activities and he love drums too.


Q. You are the winner of One Special Woman Award in the mother’s category, this year. How do you feel about it?

anshul batra winner

It’s indeed overwhelming for me. My journey has just being started, long way to go.

You can watch the Award Show which was a Facebook Live here.

Q. What is your message to other mothers of children with special needs?

Just keep moving, don’t stop, don’t give up… believe in your son and yourself. “Apna time Aayega”!


It was wonderful and such a motivational conversation with Mrs. Anshul. 1SPecialPlace wishes her and Ansh the very best of luck for all future endeavours!



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