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Summer Camp Therapy Activity I Speech Therapy Session I Online speech therapy

It’s here! Most families look forward to summer’s relaxation and lazy days. A therapy camp may be just the way to build skills in a fun way this summer.

Speech Exercises for Parkinson's Disease I Exercises I Voice and speech disorder

Parkinson's disease (PD) can affect speech in several ways. Many people with PD speak quietly and in one tone; they don't convey much emotion.

Teaching spellings to young learners I Learning process

If you’re looking to teach your child spelling words and improve their overall skills and confidence, it’s important to remember that the learning process should be made interesting, motivating and fun.

Rewards for behaviour I Eating disorder

Reward systems are positive consequences that encourage behavior change and include motivators like sticker charts, token economy systems, point systems, or behavior charts. These rewards are used to encourage change in some way.

Online occupational therapy

Sometimes children who have a disability or illness find it difficult to do everyday tasks. Occupational Therapy (OT) is mainly for children who need help learning routine skills that require motor coordination, balance and movement.

Oral desensitization I Oral exercises

The mouth is the most sensitive area of the body and babies use this to learn about different textures. This stage of exploring is also important in helping the child to develop control of their mouth.

How Speech Therapy helped this family! I 1SpecialPlace Speech Therapy India

1SpecialPlace is India's pioneering organisation that words with people world wide. We provide speech therapy online and home services.

Teaching spellings to young learner I Writing activities

Kids learn how to spell in the first and second grades. Most early spelling words need to be memorized. This is particularly true of high frequency service words.

How to do oral desensitisation at home

This video is a guide for parents who can do these simple exercises for oral desensitisation at home.

Developing personality in kids. I Personality traits

Every child has a unique personality he is born with, but the surroundings the child is raised in also play a major role in shaping the personality.

A virtual background enables therapists to use any image they want as the background for a video conferencing session. Here is the interactive green screen speech therapy

Occupational therapists help children and teens with attention deficit disorder (ADHD or ADD), sensory processing disorder, or other developmental delays build their skills in everything from handwriting to homework

How to teach a child Handwriting I Teaching strategies

Handwriting skills are an important developmental task and activity for kids. Through handwriting, they are able to express themselves and communicate with the world around them.