Pooja Mundada

Speech Language Therapist and Audiologist
Msc Speech and Hearing, Manipal Academy of Higher Education
Bsc Speech and Hearing, Manipal Academy of Higher Education
Rehabilitation council of India: A64883
Indian Speech and Hearing Association: L20093705
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Pooja Mundada

Pooja has worked in various hospital set ups and schools during her internship (2016) where she has worked with children with disability of various age groups (Asha Nilaya School and Vocational Rehabilitation Center for Mentally Challenged, Manasa Rehabilitation Training Center, TMA Pai Hospital – Udupi). The therapist has worked at Lets Talk Speech Therapy Clinic, Mumbai for 2 years. She has also worked as a fellow in voice and swallowing clinic at Bombay hospital where she gained experience in management of voice disorders and dysphagia management.

She has also gained experienced in different approaches such as LSVT, OPT, NMES, Vital Stim.

Professional Interest :

Voice disorders in Adults and children. Swallowing disorders in Adults. Fluency and Articulation disorders in children and adult, Aphasia and Dysarthria. Childhood speech and language disorder such as cerebral palsy, delay in speech and langauge. Pragmatic language disorder.


She has actively participated in various seminars and workshops and won the Best Paper presentation Award for ‘Disfluencies in typically Fluent young English dominant Bilingual Adults – An Observational Study’ at the conference 'Recent trends in Assessment and Management of Individuals with stuttering'. Pooja has also done poster presentation in 13th Phonosurgery Workshop,Mumbai.

She has also participated in workshops designed to educate parents, caregivers, and teachers about speech-language disorders, impact on academics and social behavior, and strategies for development.

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