Hima Bindh

Speech Language Therapist and Audiologist
MSc. Speech Language Pathology, All India Institute of Speech & Hearing, Mysuru, India
BSc. Audiology & Speech Language Pathology, Sweekaar Academy of Rehabilitation Science, Secunderabad, Telangana
Rehabilitation Council of India. Regd No - A79187
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Monday - Saturday
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Hima Bindh

About Me

Hima Bindh is a Certified Speech & Hearing Professional trained in treating Language, Articulation, Stuttering, Voice, Hearing, Feeding and Swallowing issues across different age groups.

She was from West Godavari, Andhra Pradesh and Hima live in Hyderabad. My native language is Telugu and She is fluent in Hindi and English. As a Speech-Language Therapist, it gives me immense gratification to serve individuals with communication disorders and work towards improving their quality of life.

Many among us, especially Persons with Disabilities face issues in communication, for this reason, She made it my purpose to support people with speech, language and communication issues. She strongly believe that “Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start” (Quote by Nido Qubein)

Besides being a Speech Language Therapist, She was a Environmental Enthusiast. Affectionate towards animals and Hima love to do volunteer work.

Professional Interests

Speech & Language Development in Children
Childhood-Onset Fluency Disorder (Stuttering)
Language-Based Learning Disorders
Augmentative & Alternative Communication
Articulation & Phonological Therapy
Voice Therapy
Stroke Rehabilitation
Brain Injury – related Speech & Language problems
Cognitive-Communication Disorders
Feeding and Swallowing Issues
Advocacy on Disability Inclusion
Disability Narrative in Media