Normal Non-Fluency and Stuttering

Normal Non-Fluency and Stuttering

Normal Non-Fluency and Stuttering This blog is about normal non-fluency and stuttering. Let’s first try to understand our speech. Firstly, our speech develops as we grow. Secondly, typical kids learn to say words by 1 year of age. Further, speech-language development continues as one grows. Language refers to the linguistic aspects of communication. Similarly, speech …

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“Wh” of Developmental Disabilities

“It’s Time to Focus on Abilities, Not Disabilities” – Jason Steen March is Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month!   “Wh” of Developmental Disabilities What are Developmental Disabilities? Developmental Disability is a term for a group of disorders that are due to cognitive or physical deficits. Additionally, they often develop in the early years of a child’s …

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