TT-UD -Tongue Lateralization and Elevation Tool


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TT-UD -Tongue Lateralization and Elevation Tool

OPT is a crucial supplement to conventional speech therapy for those who have placement and mobility issues. This TT-UD -Tongue Lateralization and Elevation Tool can be useful if you frequently hear from parents that their child doesn’t enjoy doing homework, you want to provide more helpful advice to make homework completion simpler to achieve, or you want parents to feel more comfortable leading a session like we do in speech therapy.

It is a tactile-proprioceptive teaching method that is used in conjunction with conventional therapy. Typically, aural and visual stimulation are used in therapy.
OPT is used to promote speech clarity by enhancing articulator awareness, placement (dissociation, grading, and direction of movement), stability, and muscle memory.

The tongue is raised and made more mobile over the midline independently with the use of TT-UD. These implements are used to keep the jaw stable so that the tongue can move more easily. The TT-UD is an oral motor tool that enhances tongue elevation movement.

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