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Talk-Tip – Tactile tool

The usage and operation of the lips, tongue, jaw, teeth, and hard and soft palates are referred to as oral motor development. The creation of speech, safe swallowing, and the enjoyment of diverse food textures all depend heavily on the movement and coordination of these structures. The oral motor skills required for healthy speech and feeding development are worked on during oral motor therapy.

The muscles in the mouth and face that govern saliva, speech, and eating are helped by oral motor exercises. Here are some activities you can perform with your kid for pure enjoyment while also working on their oral motor skills. Never force or push your youngster to complete the exercises.

The tactile symbols are made by mounting a piece of an object on a hand-sized card that corresponds to key lexical categories (e.g. people, places, actions, objects, etc.). This kit aids educators in developing a customised tactile card system for blind and visually impaired students who also have additional disabilities and/or don’t have a formal literacy or communication system.This kit offers some of the crucial parts that aid in the development and application of a system.

Talk-Tip elevation is the capacity to elevate the tip of the user’s tongue to the alveolar ridge, the highest point on the surface of the tongue. In order to make some speech sounds, the tongue tip must be elevated, which is an oral motor skill (t, d, n, l, s, and z). The term “phoneme” also refers to spoken sounds. The smallest component of spoken language that affects meaning is known as a phoneme.

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