Sensory-Bit – Feeding tube


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Sensory-Bit – Feeding tube

Sensory-Bite is intended to improve jaw muscular tone. It also relieves discomfort caused by new teeth.
Toddlers are often self-feeding, which necessitates the use of specialised equipment that differs substantially from that used when they were spoon-fed. Around 8 months, most newborns begin feeding themselves those small melt-able puffs directly from their tray.

You’ll see that they initially hold the food with their entire hand in a raking motion. They frequently get a lot in their hand at once and try to shove their entire hand into their mouth. If your infant or 1-year-old isn’t making any effort to feed themselves with their fingers, make sure you give them opportunities to try and try again, even if they struggle a little. Sensory-bite aids in the improvement of gum tactile difficulties.

The Sensory-Bite can be held comfortably by users. The Sensory Bite stem can reach molar teeth. It also stimulates saliva production while decreasing drooling.

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