Welcome to 1SP Gallery! This page depicts snapshots of our engaging and successful online therapy sessions and the unique online therapy strategies used by us.

August 2022

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Founders Day : 25th August

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July 2022

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June 2022

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May 2022

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April 2022

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Brain Awareness Week








In-house Clinical Conference - March '21





Love & Friendship

Engaging fun based session with toddlers

Guessing games that involve speaking

Kids learning about emotions and feelings via choice making


Parents getting involved in the session

Therapist working on higher level cognition


Therapist working on imitation


Republic Day

Working with older kids to improve speech fluency

Word retrieval activities with stroke patient

Therapist working on the fine motor skills and cognitive skills.


Pongal, Sankranthi and Lohri

The harvest festivals were taken up as a theme for January' 21

Vocabulary and Sentence development activities


Therapist working on memory skills


 The therapists worked on a variety of goals including vocabulary, sentence formation, fluency, voice and pragmatics.

Working on sentence formation with interesting characters.


Therapist working on reasoning skills.

Pretend Play during the online sessions!

Our therapist making the session engaging and interactive with the use of digital tools.

Personalised Virtual Rooms were made for kids in therapy.


Hand Painting done in Online Occupational Therapy Sessions

Diwali Shopping Activity done to introduce various concepts and develop communication.

Diwali Bingo fun for pronunciation and speech clarity!

Reading and concepts taught in Online Special Education  Sessions

Diwali celebration digital activity for sentence formation

Vocabulary development during online speech therapy sessions


Therapist is working on Wh questions in this online activity with the Halloween theme.

Trick or treating with the therapist!

Phonics activities used during online sessions