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Articulation Therapy: Teaching “TH” & “DH” Sound

Pronouncing the /TH, DH/ sounds can be a bit tricky for young children. And it is also a very commonly occurring sound in speech. If you are worried or concerned about your child’s pronunciation of the “TH” and “DH” sounds, this blog can help you with teaching these sounds to your child.   Why are …

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Picture Scene Activities for Adults

 What are Picture Scene activities? Picture scenes are nothing but scenes of various situations represented in a pictorial form. It can be a simple picture of a playroom to something as complex as a large playground. These are in the form of animated as well as real-life-like. Children and adults use picture scenes to improve …

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tele therapy for adults benefits

Benefits of TeleTherapy for Adults

TeleTherapy can present with various speech disorders across their life span. Speech disorders affect various subsystems such as articulation, fluency, respiration, voice and resonance and prosody. Teletherapy is highly effective for those who are looking for convenient options. These sessions can be accessed from anywhere. There are numerous benefits of teletherapy for adults with speech disorders.   …

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speech therapy motivation

Tips to Motivate Your Child for Speech Therapy

All of us need the motivation to move forward in life! Nonetheless, Speech Therapy is not fun and games always. It is hard work for a child too! Moreover, therapy sessions can be challenging for kids. Despite the digital games, activities, many times kids resist Speech Therapy sessions. So, here are some tips to motivate …

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Importance of Early Intervention for Speech Disorders

What is Early Intervention? The early years of a child are crucial for speech and language skills. This is because young children’s brains develop very quickly. It absorbs skills easily. The time period from birth to 3 years is important. The early intervention services are up to 5 years of age. Early intervention for speech …

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Occupational Therapy Activities in Autism

Occupational Therapist observes the child to plan interventional activities. This is a systematic approach in a controlled environment. Occupational Therapy activities in Autism either help to calm or to excite a particular sensory system. Presentation of a child with Autism: According to DSM V, Autism symptoms vary from one end of the spectrum to another.  …

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Activities to Teach Children to Say “No”

Teaching children to “No” is to get them ready for the outside world. So, in this blog we will list activities to teach children to say “no”. Teaching kids to say “no” is very crucial in today’s world. It helps to build confidence in them to say “no” to things. Especially, which they are not …

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