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Speech Therapist and Audiologist


Pratiksha Gupta, Founder and CEO of 1Specialplace

  • M.Sc. – Audiological Science (Course Topper),University College London, UK
  • B.Sc – Speech & Hearing (Gold Medalist), AIISH, Mysore, India
  • Director – HearnSpeak – Speech& Hearing Services
  • Senior Speech Therapist – Apollo Hospitals
  • Formerly – Senior Audiologist, NHS, UK
  • Formerly – Speech Language Therapist at Step by Step School, Noida
  • Certified in Telepractice/Online Speech Therapy – USA

Pratiksha has provided therapy in a variety of clinical settings since 2007, addressing the needs of preschool toddlers, school children, teenagers, adults and the elderly. After running her own clinic in Noida,India for 4 years, she diversified into online speech therapy. She has also guided masters level dissertations in Audiology and has been a lecturer and examiner with IGNOU

Besides clinical practice, Pratiksha provides training to other speech therapists and conducts online courses for parents. She authors articles for parenting newsletters and is on the panel of professional online parenting portals. She also conducts language enriching storytelling sessions for young children and indulges in Art Based Speech Therapy.

She is the author of a series of children’s story books that promote speech development.

She has developed mobile apps for speech assessment & speech therapy and specialised tool kits for speech & language development in children.

Clinical Coordinator


Veena Mehta, Clinical Coordinator at 1SpecialPlace

  • MSc. Biology
  • B.Ed
Mrs Veena is a senior educator working since 35+ years in the field of children education. With a diverse background of experience as a seasoned school teacher, she has also coordinated and managed various workshops, events, recruitments and training programs.
She is trained in accupressure and is a Level 2 Pranic Healer.
She is a senior in the team and liaises between clients and Therapists for successful therapy outcomes.

Speech Therapist


Anjana Sathyabodha, Head of Content Writing at 1SpecialPlace

  • M.Sc.- Speech Language Pathology, AIISH, Mysore
  • B.Sc.- Speech and Hearing, (rank holder), JSSISH, Mysore

Anjana began her career in 2008 as a grade 1 speech language pathologist in a training and research institute developing online therapy modules and conducting tele intervention for children and adults with communication disorders. She has co-authored guide books in English, Kannada and Hindi for parents of children with hearing impairment. She has also worked alongside paediatricians and neurologists in providing one to one and group therapy sessions to address the communication needs of children with autism spectrum disorders, hearing impairment and various other communication difficulties. She has delivered home based speech therapy to adults with post-stroke aphasia and other neurological disorders including stuttering. She is enthusiastic about helping children, adults and their families in promoting and achieving good communication practises. She strongly believes in team work, the person with speech-language problems along with carer/family being the key members in developing and achieving treatment plans.

She is currently in the UK and has liaised with local child charity organisations and in her spare time, works closely with children and bilingual families and assists them in using appropriate language development strategies. She is passionate about providing tele-speech therapy services and reaching out to individuals and their families to overcome and remediate speech-language difficulties.

Speech Therapist


Tanushree Saxena Chandhok

  • M.Sc. (SLP) – AIISH, Mysore (Gold medalist)
  • B.Sc. (Sp & Hg) – AIISH , Mysore (Gold medalist).
  • Hanen Certified Speech language therapist (More than words)- Hanen , USA
  • Certified Handwriting Therapist – HWT Certification, USA
Tanushree, a qualified Speech Language Therapist, has had ten years experience working alongside a team of professionals for the intervention of children with Autism at the Com DEALL Trust Head Office, Bangalore. Her clinical experience has varied from one-on-one sessions to small and large group sessions for a variety of communication disabilities, including young children with ASD. Her interests lay in providing holistic inputs to ensure a child can ‘communicate’ to his / her best potential.
During her erstwhile engagement at the Com DEALL Trust (as a Training Coordinator), she had the opportunity to train parents and other trainers to  provide quality intervention to young children with ASD.
Her interest in clinical oriented research work has also ensured publications in national and international journals.

Speech Therapist


Anagha Dehadrai

  • M.Sc.- Speech Language Pathology, AIISH, Mysore
  • B.Sc – Speech and Hearing, AIISH, Mysore
Anagha started her career in 2008 as a Speech Language Pathologist. She has worked at All India Institute of Speech & Hearing, Mysore.There she was responsible for planning and management of children with communication disorders for three years.
She was also a Lecturer at AIISH and Malaysia and have taught courses such as Aphasia and Language Development. She is very passionate about her work and likes to work with children and adults with various communication disorders. Anagha is currently based in Australia.

Speech Therapist



  • M.Sc Audiology- All India Institute of speech and hearing
  • B.Sc Speech and Hearing- All India Institute of speech and hearing
  • M.Sc Psychology- Karnataka state open university

After completion of her Masters in 2011, Sindhushree started working in a Superspeciality ENT Clinic at Bangalore. She worked as a Speech language pathologist and Audiologist for 5 years dealing with both assessment of speech and hearing disorders and also worked on Development of Training Materials. She has extensive experience in the rehabilitation of both children and adults. She is accredited with Rehabilitation Council Of India Membership and is proficient in conducting Language therapy, Voice therapy, AVT, Music therapy and group therapy. Sindhushree is currently based in Germany

Speech Therapist


Reshmi M.

  • M.Sc Speech Language Pathology – Mysore University
  • B.Sc – Speech & Hearing – Manipal University

Reshmi is a certified Speech Language Therapist. She is currently based in Oman, and is involved in Telepractice.

She has worked with children and adults with speech language difficulties since 2010. She has had a variety of clinical experience during her work in a pre school inclusive set up. She has been actively involved in academic scenarios during her work as a lecturer in established institutes at Delhi and Dehradun, India. She has guided research papers which have been published nationally and internationally.

Speech Therapist

Nitya Raman

Nitya Raman

  • M.Sc Speech Language Pathology – Sri Ramachandra University (Gold Medalist)
  • B.Sc – Speech & Hearing – Sri Ramachandra University (Gold Medalist)

Nitya is a Rehabilitation Council of India certified Speech Language Pathologist and Audiologist. She is currently based in Mumbai. After her graduation, she started working at the Pediatric Neurodevelopmental Centre and the  Autism Intervention Centre at a government hospital in Mumbai since 2016. She has variety of clinical experience during her work in areas of learning disability and neurodevelopmental communication disorders. She has been actively involved in delivering tele services (assessments and therapy) during her course of graduation. She has also co-authored an international publication on telepractice.

Speech Therapist


Sadia Mariam

  • M.Sc (Speech Language Pathology) – Dr. S.R. Chandrasekhar Institute of Speech & Hearing.
  • B.Sc (Speech and Hearing) – Samvaad Institute of Speech & Hearing.
Sadia- is a Rehabilitation of India (RCI) certified Speech Language Pathologist based in Bangalore, India. After completing her Masters, she started her career in the home health care industry. During her education, she had gained considerable experience working with children with Autism. Her work required her to assess, diagnose and provide therapy to children and adult with various disorders. However, she is passionate about working with children and wishes to focus on child therapy.


Special Educator

Saumya Varshney

Saumya Varshney

  • B.Ed. Spl Edu
  • M.Sc. Child Development
  • Special Educator
  • LD Expert ( UK certified)

Saumya is a certified Special Educator. She has completed her certified courses in Learning Difficulties from Roehmapton University, UK. She even holds a certificate in Instrumental Enrichment from Israel. She has been working with children with special needs for more than 15 years. Her expertise involves work with Learning Disability, Developmental delays and Speech/Language delays

 Developmental Therapist

Soumali Dutta

Soumali Dutta

  • PGD, Developmental Therapy
  • Special Educator
  • Developmental Therapist

Soumali is a registered Special Educator cum Developmental Therapist. She has been working with children with special needs for more than 10 years. Her expertise involves Early Intervention Methods, Inclusive Education and Family Counseling.

Occupational Therapist


Taru Thakur

  • Masters in Occupational Therapy M.O.Th (Pediatrics), Jamia Hamdard, New Delhi
  • Bachelors in Occupational Therapy, SVNIRTAR, Orissa.
  • Certified Sensory Integration therapist, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA
  • Certified Handwriting specialist, Handwriting Without Tears (HWT), Maryland

Dr Taru Thakur began her career in 2006. Her passion to work with children and to help them blossom has been her ultimate goal in life. She believes that children are like angels. They can modify/change very easily. With the right intervention given at the right time, this change can be brought within them and they can lead a quality life. Apart from occupational Therapy she has also done certification in Reiki and she is a Handle coach for children with Autism. Presently she is working in a reputed school in Noida and she also owns a special needs Centre with the name of Angels Foundation in Gurugram.

Occupational Therapist


Amruta Tamboli

  • Certified Sensory Integration Therapist and S.I.P.T Certified from University of Southern California
  • Bachelor of Occupational Therapy from Seth G.S.Medical College and K.E.M Hospital, Mumbai
  • Certified Level 1 Play Therapist from National Association from Play Therapy, India

Dr. Amruta started her career in 2007. She has been passionate about her work in the field of Spectrum Disorders, Learning Difficulties, and Processing Disorders and feels fortunate for having opportunities to upgrade herself through her trainings. She believes that intervention works best when parents are an integral part of therapeutic process.

Her love for children has led her to use eclectic approaches of Play, Feeding and Cooking techniques as part of her approach.

She has also worked Research Assistant for Mumbai Based NGO named Ummeed for Standardising a Developmental Tool for Children (G.M.C.D) at grassroots level in few communities in Pune, India



Sayee Deshpande

  • MA Clinical Psychology University of Pune
  • BA Psychology Fergusson College

Sayee is a Psychologist and Dance Movement Therapist. In her spare time, she loves to read, watch movies and dance. She also enjoys working around women and children and their social causes especially mental health awareness. She writes a blog for 1 special place on various topics to help people cope up with mental health issues and create awareness.


Dr. Neha

Neha Didolkar

  • Physiotherapist
  • NDT Certified ( USA)

Dr. Neha is a US Neurodevelopmental Therapy certified professional. She is also a Certified Childbirth educator. She has been working with individuals with neurogenic disorders since 13 years. She is passionate about her work with children with Cerebral Palsy and other motor disorders.

Special Educator

Bhanu Gupta

Bhanu Gupta

  • B.Ed. Spl Education
  • M.Com
  • Sign Language Expert
  • Teacher of the Deaf cum Counsellor

Bhanu is a certified teacher of the Deaf. She is a registered special educator, counsellor cum examiner. She has been working with deaf children since 15 years. She is a certified Sign Language Expert and enjoys her work with children with hearing impairment

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