Ayesha Anjum

Ayesha Anjum

...Chennai, India Rehabilitation Council of India. Regd No - A53123 Oral Placement Therapy Level 1 & 2 Play Therapy for Children with Special Needs Natural Language Acquisition in Autism :...

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...stimulating activities that you can do indoors with your child. Summer Camp Therapy Activity I Speech Therapy Session I Online speech therapy It’s here! Most families look forward to summer’s...

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Online Speech Therapy India


Welcome to 1SpecialPlace Online Speech Therapy & Communication. We are India's most trusted online therapy service provider for children and adults since 2014. Therapy sessions Monday - Sunday 6:00 -...

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online speech therapy for families


...Wins SABLA NARI Award for Best Speech Language Therapist and Audiologist 2023 In the realm of… developmental speech delays Online Speech Therapy speech language therapy speech therapy Activate your communication...

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Website sliders testimonal


...after therapy, which if I do will be false and unscientific, but I've learned how to adjust my speech. Hence, I conclude that I've achieved my goal through the therapy...

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Home Therapy

Home Therapy

Screening Tests Families Home Therapy Schools Healthcare Providers Our Prices In-Person Home Therapy Service Therapy at 1SpecialPlace just reached your home. We offer in-person home speech therapy service to our...

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TASTE Program

TASTE Program

...oral motor therapy, sensory motor therapy, dietary guidance, exercises, and unwavering support. We believe that by addressing these challenges, we empower children to enjoy a nourishing and fulfilling life. Mon...

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Down syndrome

Down syndrome

...of all children with Down syndrome. Around 83 % of these require ventilation ( typmpanotomy tubes) as a treatment option. Oral Motor Skills Children with Down Syndrome have small oral...

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