...for children. This ensures continued learning! Speech Therapy Exercises I Online speech therapy I Speech correction This video is a compilation of glimpses of online speech therapy sessions at 1SpecialPlace...

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Online Speech Therapy India

Home online speech therapist at home carried out? Online speech therapy at 1SpecialPlace is conducted online via Zoom. We begin our speech therapy program with a baseline evaluation session. After...

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Deepthi Jose

Deepthi Jose Efficacy of Online Speech Therapy after Tongue Tie Removal in an Adult: A Case study Tongue Tie, otherwise known as… Online Speech Therapy Oro-motor exercises speech therapy sessions Tongue...

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...1specialplace in February this year. My son Aaditya 2 years of age has expressive speech delay. While we were waiting to avail speech therapy sessions in Sydney Australia due to...

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Eshwari Ananth

Eshwari Ananth

...Why do you need Speech Therapy? Why do you need Speech Therapy? Speech Therapy is necessary to improve communication. It is necessary for the holistic development… Online Speech Therapy Speech...

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Welcome to 1SP Gallery! This page depicts snapshots of our engaging and successful online therapy sessions and the unique online therapy strategies used by us. Jan 2024 Dec 2023 Nov...

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