Color Yoga for Adults

Color Yoga for Adults

Coloring is only for children? Think again! Today, we are talking about color yoga for adults. Further, coloring is for all, both adults and children. In the past, kids were given coloring books to calm down and relax. Moreover, research quotes that coloring can also help adults to deal with stress in their everyday life. Furthermore, coloring is a mental activity that has several benefits. Also, adult coloring books have gained popularity in recent times. Worldwide there are many best-selling adult coloring books. Mental health therapists are encouraging people to engage in coloring as a stress-busting activity. Hence, color yoga for adults is one such activity you can try today. Read on to know more.

What is color yoga for adults?

Adult coloring books are very special. On the other hand, they are quite different from the children’s coloring books. Further, adult coloring books have intricate designs, several themes and target specific areas of the brain with their designs. Additionally, these color yoga books are designed to focus on mental health and de-stressing. For adults with anxiety, focus issues and depression coloring books can be beneficial. These books with intricate designs help adults to build focus and channel their attention. Overall, it promotes mental wellbeing.

How does color yoga help?

Many mental health therapists prescribe coloring as an alternative to medication in some cases. Further, they say it promotes “mindfulness”. Also, simply coloring or drawing helps us to re-focus and calm down. Furthermore, research says that when we tend to relax, our feel-good hormones are activated. So, we feel a sense of well-being and peacefulness.

Benefits of color yoga for adults:

  1. Relieves Stress and Anxiety:

Coloring helps us to relax the fear center of the brain. Just like how meditating helps us to relax our thoughts. Further, rechanneling our thoughts during coloring relaxes our minds. Therefore, giving us a sense of peace and calm.

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  1. Facilitates Fine Motor and Visual Skills:

Adult coloring books have intricate designs and themes. These designs aid in improving fine motor coordination. Further, visual skills such as focus, visual attention improve. Cognitive skills such as logic, problem-solving and creative thinking also improve.

  1. Promotes Sleep:

We all know a good night’s sleep means no screen time! The two best activities that promote sleep are reading and coloring. Hence, try color yoga before you sleep. I am sure it’ll help you sleep better and get rid of those dark eye circles.

  1. Re-focusses attention away from ourselves:

Coloring and drawing help us to re-focus our thoughts away from ourselves. Hence, reducing overall anxiety. It promotes living in the moment feeling.

  1. Facilitates pleasure:

No expectations during activities promote pleasure. Coloring/ Drawing can be neat or messy. There are no expectations or deadlines. Hence, it’s relaxing and pleasurable at the same time.

How to start color yoga:

  • Firstly, Simple buy an adult coloring book or take a piece of paper
  • Secondly, Buy some colors/ sketches/ pencils/ crayons
  • Thirdly, Choose a relaxing spot anywhere you like.
  • Forthly, Start coloring and play some light background music if you like.
  • At last, Take time out often from your schedule and engage in coloring.

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