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Best Books on Parenting a Special Needs Child

Best Books on Parenting a Special Needs Child

In this blog, we are reviewing the best books on parenting a special needs child. There are many books that offer great insights into parenting. Further, parenting a special needs child is a different journey. Furthermore, every parent goes through many emotions and thoughts. Hence, reading books and gaining information will be helpful. Reading books on parenting a special needs child can offer great insight. Additionally, some books can offer self-help whereas others give you guidance. So, here we go! Read on to know more: More on parenting! 

Best Books on Parenting a Special Needs Child

  1. A Different Kind of Perfect

This book is a collection of 50 stories. Further, these are stories of parents of children with different abilities. Furthermore, the book offers guidance and comfort to parents. It beautifully illustrates how to find joy in tiny things. Additionally, it helps parents to realize they are not alone in this journey.

  1. You Will Dream New Dreams

The book has heartfelt notes and essays from parents of children with special needs. Additionally, it gives an insight into the journey of parents raising their special needs children. Further, the book talks about how the parents helped their children look forward to new dreams beyond all challenges. In addition, it talks about dealing with emotions. Especially disappointment, acceptance, and dealing with new challenges in parenting. It is a must-read for parents of children diagnosed with special needs.

  1. The Spark: A Mother’s Story of Nurturing, Genius, and Autism

The Spark is a memoir of a mother and son’s journey with Autism. Further, this book is about the love, courage, and power of a mother. The author wonderfully explains how to tap the child’s true potentials. The Spark instills a sense of comfort and positivity in the readers.

  1. Riding The Bus with My Sister

The book is a moving account of a sister’s experience with her sibling. Further, the book illustrates how the sister navigates her emotions. She discusses her blessings and her struggles. Furthermore, the book is a moving account of life with a loved one with a developmental disability. This book also was made into an excellent movie.

  1. When Your Child Has a Disability

This book is a must-read for parents of children with multiple disabilities. Further, the book offers a detailed account of how to raise a child with special needs. It gives great advice on a range of medical education needs of children. Hence, give it a read to gather some good advice.

  1. The Bipolar Child

This is the best book for a parent to understand a child with bipolar disorder. It includes life accounts from home, school, and medications. Hence, it will surely help a parent understand their child with bipolar.

  1. Untethered


Untethered is a mother’s account of caring for her Autistic son. Further, this book demonstrates how rewarding and fulfilling a parent can feel. Parents can read and enjoy the journey of raising an Autistic child. The book goes from a parent’s confusion, fear to courage and self-discovery. This is a must-read if you are raising an Autistic child.

  1. A World of Difference


Different is an amazing read of a mother and son’s journey. The son was diagnosed with ADHD and mental illness. It gives a great perspective of raising a child with ADHD. Parents feel s sense of comfort after reading the book.

  1. Dyslexia 101: Truth. Myths and What Really Works

The author is a mother who has been homeschooling her kids. Further, she talks about her children with dyslexia. She gives an amazing account of encouraging her dyslexic children. It is a good read if you are raising a child with Dyslexia.

  1. Life Animated

Life Animated is a tale of the author’s Autistic son. The readers can understand the struggles to connect and communicate with his Autistic child. Further, the book time and again reminds us how a parent is not alone in this journey.


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