tele therapy for adults benefits

Benefits of TeleTherapy for Adults

Benefits of TeleTherapy for Adults

TeleTherapy, can present with various speech disorders across their life span. Speech disorders affect various subsystems such as articulation, fluency, respiration, voice and resonance and prosody. Teletherapy is highly effective for those who are looking for convenient options. These sessions can be accessed from anywhere. There are numerous benefits of teletherapy for adults with speech disorders.  

1. Reduces the rate of cancellations or no shows 

When you take sessions using teletherapy, you can take your sessions from anywhere. And because you can take these sessions from anywhere, you tend to cancel a minimum number  of sessions. So it gives you a better therapy prognosis because you are fairly regular with 
your sessions.  TeleTherapy for Adults

2. Makes therapy accessible for far-to-reach populations 

Many individuals across India live in places where speech therapists are not available or they need to travel hours to consult one. By consulting a teletherapist, you can avail of their services by surpassing accessibility. And also, the teletherapist can reach you using teleservices.  

3. Accessible even when you are travelling  

Adults nowadays are on a constant move. Whether it is for work or recreational purposes, 
teletherapy is almost ever disrupted for the above reasons as you can set aside time from your travel to attend your therapy sessions. Even when you are travelling. That’s the beauty of teletherapy!!!  

4. Increases family participation during sessions 

Older individuals who attend speech therapy may require participation from their family members. Sometimes, family members have other scheduled work, which may make it difficult for them to attend therapy along with their loved ones in person. When therapy is online, it can be scheduled according to everyone’s convenience so that even family members can take part in the sessions.  

5. Sharing information is easy  

It is easier to share information with one another as technology advances. Screen sharing options make it easier for the client to communicate their requirements. Also, advancements in telerehabilitation are being made, more activities, as well as materials, are available for evaluation and treatment options. Uploading and mailing session reports have never been easier!!! 

6. Enjoy the comforts of your home 

When your speech therapist recommends speech therapy services, you may end up taking a minimum of 2-3 sessions per week. It can be tedious to get ready and move out of the house just for the sake of attending speech therapy. With teletherapy, you can attend speech therapy from the confines of your home. Home is the place you are most comfortable, so it’s the best place to get speech therapy. 

7. Eliminates commuting hassles 

Speech therapy services may not always be close to your home. Some of you may have had to travel long distances to get speech therapy services. By attending online speech therapy services, you save a lot of your time that you would have otherwise spent travelling.  

8. Saves time  

Because you can attend speech therapy just with a click of a button, it saves you a lot of time. The preparation time, travel time etc. gets saved up and you can utilize your saved time for other reasons.  

9. Location independence

One of the biggest advantages of teletherapy is location independence. Now, this is not only for you but also for the therapist. As clients, you do share a professional bond and respect with your therapist. Sometimes therapists leave physical workplaces and you are forced to find a
new therapist for yourself. Tele-therapy provides the benefit of continuing sessions in such situations. And you won’t have to change your therapist.

10. Offers a safer environment

In times such as that of a pandemic, in-person sessions can mean putting yourself at risk for infection. It is always good to be smart and realistic about what risks are worth taking.
Availing teletherapy sessions surpasses all the risks of infection due to compromised
immune systems or other health conditions.

11. Group sessions

Your therapist will recommend group sessions as you improve on your speech skills. These
sessions can be very helpful for you to be able to generalise your learnt skills to a new
environment. Group sessions are easier to schedule and have more success as both the
parties find it convenient to take the sessions online even if you do not live in the same

12. Might actually be better than in-person therapy

If you have read through the various reasons stated above, you may come to the conclusion that teletherapy might actually be more beneficial than in-person therapy. And why won’t you? There is sufficient evidence to prove that tele-therapy is just as equally effective as in-person therapy. Stating all the reasons above, just makes tele-therapy even more beneficial for the treatment of speech disorders in adults.
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