5 Brain Games for Persons with Aphasia

Exercising the brain is as important as physical exercise for all people. This article is here to share our top 5 brain games for Persons with Aphasia. Persons with Aphasia do not only face difficulty in communicating or walking but also in day-to-day mental activities. Hence, they must exercise their brains to keep it active.

5 Brain Games for Persons with Aphasia

  1. Chunking and Recall:

We need to remember numbers, addresses, words, and objects we see in our daily lives. The chunking and recall game will promote brain stimulation and help you to remember and recall. To do this activity,

  • Write down a series of 5 numbers or letters
  • Give 2 minutes to the person to memorize the sequence
  • Ask the person to write or say it aloud in the same order
  • Repeat the task with other numbers and letter
  1. Think Aloud:

This is a fun and stimulating game to play with your loved one. Think aloud is a word recall game. This game will promote word retrieval, working memory, and quick thinking. To do this activity,

  • Write or say an alphabet (eg: for k)
  • Ask the person to say or write as many as words he/she can think
  • The word should begin with the letter you mentioned
  • Continue to play the game with many letters
  1. Same or Different:

Same or different is a very interactive game. This game will promote visual memory and eye-tracking. To do this activity,

  • Take or draw two sets of patterns of shapes or pictures
  • Make sure one set has a different pattern or sequence.
  • Ask the person to carefully look at the pictures
  • The person has to say if the picture is the same or different

To download free patterns, click here: https://www.happyneuronpro.com/en/free-cognitive-activities-for-adults/free-worksheets-1/

  1. Observe and Recall:

Observe and recall is a visual and speech memory game. This activity promotes working memory and recall skills. To do this activity,

  • Take a picture scene from a newspaper or magazine
  • Give the person 5 minutes to observe and remember the things in the picture
  • Hide the image, ask 5 questions about what the person saw in the picture scene.
  • Repeat with more images.
  1. Make a list:

This is a very interesting activity. This game will promote speech, language, and cognitive skills. To do this activity,

  • Ask the person to make a list of grocery items
  • Now, write it down
  • Help the person recall from the list to place an order
  • Reading from the list is acceptable for beginners.

Apps for Brain Games

Here is a list of free brain games applications:

  • CogniFit Brain Fitness
  • Lumosity
  • Eidetic- Spaced Repetition
  • Elevate – Brain Training
  • NeuroNation

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