Things Tele Speech-Language Therapists Do Differently!

Things Tele Speech-Language Therapists Do Differently!

Teletherapy in India, The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has impacted services for persons with special needs the most. This has encouraged a global trend to shift to Online Speech-Language Therapy sessions preferred by both caregivers and clinicians all over the world. To know more about the benefits of online sessions for persons with communication disorders, check out our previous blog.

 Now, are you wondering what Tele Speech-Language Therapy sessions are all about? This blog will give you an insight into the world of some activities done by a Tele Speech-Language Therapist.

Interactive Content:
The greatest benefit of online therapy sessions is the interactive content made using programs like MS Office/Keynote and others. Play-based interactive content is tailor-made specific to each client’s needs.

They can target a variety of communication goals for both children and adults. Interactive content facilitates ample opportunities for our clients to carry out specific tasks and short-term treatment objectives.

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Online Therapy Games:

Tele therapists never run out of unique activities due to the benefit of technology. Right from Speech-Language Delays in children to Aphasia in adults we have got them all covered with our unlimited online resources. Here are a few snippets of our games;


Virtual Activities:

            Are you wondering will your little toddler be able to sustain his attention in online sessions? Here is the secret! Our Speech-Language Therapists will keep your little one actively participating in his/her sessions via virtual activities. Teletherapy in India

How online speech therapy can benefit your child.

Here is a snippet of what some of our sessions look like! They also work wonders with adults with communication disorders.


Engaging with everyday items:

Activities are also done with everyday items to facilitate functional communication.

Caregivers are active participants in our tele sessions as well. We provide one-to-one real-time guidance for communication development and progress evaluation.

At 1SpecialPlace, our dedication and passion have earned us many awards for being the best in this field.

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