Telemedicine in India to be covered by Health Insurance

Telemedicine in India to be covered by Health Insurance

TelemedicineTelemedicine in India, Telemedicine and online consultations have become the obvious choice for everyone in the current spread of Covid-19.



Telemedicine is an umbrella term and also includes Telepractice, which is online speech, language therapy for people with speech and language difficulties.





The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) has asked insurers to allow telemedicine wherever regular medical consultation is allowed, in the terms and conditions of medical insurance policies. Insurers have been asked to allowed telemedicine as part of the claim settlement of their policies.

This is a good news for those families who are availing online sessions.

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Here are the guidelines issued by IRDAI on telemedicine for all general and health insurers:
1. Medical Council of India has issued ‘Tele Medicine practice guidelines’ on 25th of March 2020, enabling registered Medical Practitioners to provide Healthcare using Tele Medicine.

2. In the above background, insurers are advised to allow telemedicine wherever consultation with a medical practitioner is allowed in the terms and conditions of policy contract.

3. Telemedicine offered shall be in compliance with the Telemedicine Practice Guidelines dated 25th of March 2020 and as amended from time to time.

4. Provision of allowing telemedicine shall be part of claim settlement of policy of the insurers and need not be filed separately with the Authority for any modification. However, the norms of sub limits, monthly/ annual limits etc. of the product shall apply without any relaxation, as per the guidelines.


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