Speech Therapy Tips for Teachers

Speech Therapy Tips for Teachers


Speech Therapy Tips for Teachers, Children with language delay occasionally find it difficult to cope with classroom situations. When teachers know a few tips to help children with language delay to cope in classroom situations, their language and academic learning escalates.  Therefore, it is important for teachers to know a few tips to help children with language delay.

  • Make the children with language delay sit in front – where the teacher is clearly visible for the child, and it is easy for the teacher to monitor the child.
  • Get their attention before giving instructions or important notes. Calling out their names, a gentle pat on a hand, etc. helps the child to pay attention to the speaker.

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  • Repeat the important notes twice – so that if any words are missed in the first time, it can be noted/ understood in second time.
  • Separate the child with language delay from other children who are extremely talkative or active such as a student who always speak with others, or a student who always does something else like scribbling, colouring, playing with fingers etc. while a teacher is teaching. When the child with language delay sits next to such children, it could be a huge source of distraction for them.


  • Allow some extra time to complete their work – appreciate their effort in completing the task.
  • Send a routine diary to parents to keep them informed about the activities that happened in classroom. It helps parents know what to be taught at home and it also helps to complete the incomplete classwork.


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  • Know what Speech Language Pathologist is doing with the child – request for the tips based on the concepts that are being covered in Speech Language sessions.


Speech Therapy Tips for Teachers

  • If language comprehension is focused, what is the level of comprehension and how you need to alter your language structure to make the child understand instructions.
  • If sentence length is focused, make sure you give chance to the child to use sentences in classroom.
  • If vocabulary is focused, know which types of categories and/ or words are being taught.
  • If articulation in focused, know which sound to focus on and how to help child with articulation needs.
  • There are many areas of Speech and Language which may require intervention. Therefore, speak with the Speech Language Pathologist and get information about the intervention plan.

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Speech Therapy Tips for Teachers

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