How to Conduct Online Therapy using TheraKonnect

How to Conduct Online Therapy using TheraKonnect

2 years ago, we at 1SpecialPlace wanted to start a speech therapy practice. However we soon realised that the biggest problem for clients is that it is extremely difficult to find good therapists in their respective geographical locations. As a result we decided to conduct online therapy or tele-therapy, an evidence and research backed technique, using which clients anywhere in the world can connect to our trained and experienced therapists.

Starting with online sessions on Skype, we steadily grew our online practice, eventually reaching a roadblock because :

  • Skype lacked interactive features for dealing with children, special needs clients and people with speech problems
  • Skype needs to be downloaded onto the client’s computer, an account needs to be made and Skype IDs need to be communicated. A multi-step and confusing process for most clients
  • We needed another software to handle appointment bookings, store customer information and send Email or SMS notifications
  • There was limited post session communication with clients. No session recording or session reporting features were available
  • Collecting payments was another hassle which required a complete e-commerce website to be setup separately

Enquiries were increasing day by day but we were unable to serve them effectively due to lack of a streamlined system. As a result, we created TheraKonnect, a secure and simple way to setup an online practice in 10 minutes!

conduct online therapy

With TheraKonnect’s help, we are able to conduct online therapy for clients globally using an inter-disciplinary approach that includes speech therapy, special education, occupational therapy and counselling. We are now releasing TheraKonnect publicly so that you and your clients can also benefit from online therapy without going through all the hassle that we went through

How to Get Started

As part of the introductory offer, you can use the free one month trial to get started. In this trial you can try out all features of TheraKonnect and also schedule an appointment with integrated video to try out video conferencing features. Once you have registered for the trial version, we will schedule a live demo with you and go over all the features in detail!

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Start an Online Practice

Try our new software and start an online practice in 10 minutes


Online Therapy Trainings

We have developed an online course for professionals looking to get started in online therapy. It covers all aspects of starting an online therapy practice. Sign up for the course from here.

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