Speech Doctor on Amazon Alexa

Speech Doctor on Amazon Alexa

Be In Charge Of Your Family’s Speech, Using Just Your Voice



Need for Voice Based Speech Apps

A speech disorder can occur at any age and affects one’s ability to speak words to express his or her thoughts, or to be understood. Speech problems form the chunk of developmental difficulties in children and grow into more serious problems in adults affecting the society at large.

Current global numbers indicate that more than 70 million people in world have stuttering ( a speech disorder) and millions of children and adults have other speech, language and mental health disorders .These problems impact the communication performance of an individual, thereby impacting their daily activities and social life.

The last Census in India (2011), showed that 1.24% of the total children (0-6 years) in India are disabled. Out of which, 7 % children have Speech difficulties, 10 % have Cognitive difficulties. These numbers reflect the astounding figure that almost 1 in every 10 -12 school going children can have a speech or cognitive difficulty. Most speech difficulties can be alleviated by early intervention and professional treatment provided at the right time. However if left untreated, these difficulties can grow and manifest in the form of language disorders, articulation problems, stammering and other serious problems in kids and adults.

Speech Doctor is an Alexa based voice app being developed by 1SpecialPlace.

Speech Doctor will assist parents and adults alike in identification of speech related disorders. Through the app, a person can get a fair idea of whether he or the child under his/her care needs special speech and language treatment. The app does this by engaging the user in a conversation about their own or their kid’s speech difficulties. Based on this conversation it conveys the results to the user in any easy to understand fashion along with recommendations on what can be done for speech and language enrichment. For users suffering from articulation disorders and stammering/stuttering difficulties, Speech Doctor provides conversational games and practice sessions to assist them in overcoming their difficulties. Speech is a natural language interface and we believe that the future will be devoid of touch interfaces or buttons and all human-machine interaction will take place through voice. So it is only natural that we utilize this form of human-machine interaction to enhance speech and language development in children and adults. However currently most apps in this area are mobile based and don’t utilize the benefits of a conversational conversation offered by devices like Alexa which is crucial for speech and language enhancement. With the development of Speech Doctor we hope to bring about this revolution.

Speech Doctor Developer Team

Aditya Agarwal :  Aditya graduated from IIT Kharagpur with a passion for technology spanning across both hardware and software. He believes in taking on new technical challenges and solving problems using a combined knowledge base and experience across electronics, robotics, and software development. He successfully started IIT Kharagpur’s first Aerial Robotics Student group that got funded by the institute and went on to participate in international competitions. Aditya regularly participates in hackathons across India and has won several of them, the most recent one being the Blockchain Hackathon organised by Karnataka State Government.

Pratiksha Gupta :  Pratiksha, MSc.( London) is a senior certified Speech Language Therapist practising since 2007. She has a vast experience of treating speech disorders in children and adults. She has a creative techy spirit and likes to amalgamate her medical knowledge with advances in cloud based technology. With her team she has created mobile apps for Speech Therapy and happens to be the founder of India’s first Online Speech Therapy platform.

How to Run Speech Doctor on Alexa ?

Follow these steps  :

  1. Click on Alexa from your Amazon Music app (Android/IOS) or on your Alexa enabled device (Echo, Dot or Tap) say – “open speech doctor”. The app will guide you through its features
  2. Rate the Skill : Click here to go to Amazon and rate the skill. You can also rate it from the skills section of your Amazon Alexa mobile app 🙂

Watch Speech Doctor in Action

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