Books That Can Get Your Toddler Talking!

Books That Can Get Your Toddler Talking!

Reading to toddlers can boost language development and also aid in fostering many other important skills like sound-word awareness, joint attention, concentration, early literacy, imagination and empathy.

Read here for some tips to improve reading in toddlers.

Here is a list of books that can help your toddler start talking better!  I have used these books with hundreds of children in my many years of practising as a Speech Language Therapist.  This collection has a variety of board books ranging from sound books, lift the flap, slide, pop up,  to puppet books and touch & feely books. You can click on any to even place an order.


Simple First Words Let’s Talk

This book  has simple clear pictures and buttons that speak the words out. You can engage your toddler in various ways while reading this book. Toddlers love pressing the buttons and try to imitate what they hear. Each page has big bold single pictures, most suited for language enrichment.



Where Is Baby’s Belly Button? (Karen Katz Lift-the-Flap Books)

This is an adorable lift the flap book which is an interactive board book. You can read it while playing the Peeka-boo game! So much language to impart — You will find scenes like- Where are baby’s hands? Under the Bubbles! Where are baby’s eyes? Under the hat? Great Book to revise body parts.



Hand-Puppet Board Books: Old Macdonald (Little Scholastic)

Toddlers will love this interactive puppet book! It is a big glove that you can wear and the small book on the palm is a board book. You can sing this classic nursery rhyme and explore more words with the puppets!


Sleepy Kittens (Despicable Me)

This famous Book from the Animated Movie – Despicable Me is something that your toddler will adore. Its got 3 kitten finger puppets that don’t want to sleep and do various things before their bed time. Great for building words and actions.


First 100 Words Lift-the-Flap: Over 35 Fun Flaps to Lift and Learn

Great book to build your child’s vocabulary. It is a lift the flap book which children enjoy reading through. You can get some simple objects and ask your child to match them with the pictures in the book. So much fun as the language enriches.



Moo, Baa, La La La! (Boynton Board Books)

This classic by Sandra Bounton is a cute book with silly characters. The best part about it is , how simple it is. Toddlers will learn simple animal cries through this book.


Dear Zoo: A Lift-the-Flap Book (Dear Zoo & Friends)

This is one of my favourite books! Its a lift the flap book about zoo animals. It creates opportunities for the child to speak the animal’s name and also links various adjectives with them. The pictures are simple and children relate well to them.


The Very Hungry Caterpillar: A Pull-Out Pop-Up

This age-old classic by Eric Carle is one to definitely own! There are simple board books available in this but I think this pull out pop up version is great too! The story is about a caterpillar who eats every week day and turns into a butterfly at the end. Children can learn to talk about sequences, days of the week, things to eat and so many other things through this cute story. The pop ups make the book interactive.


I Love Colors (Look Baby! Books)

This beautiful book has simple pictures which talk about colours. Big Bright faces on each page catch your toddler’s attention. Small toddlers love this book!


Peek-A Who?

Super book for toddlers to start speaking using the power of simple rhyming words! A very intriguing book which builds interest in children who would love to turn the pages and in the end discover a mirror! A Must read.


Yummy Yucky (Leslie Patricelli board books)

This is a great book to relate to your child. It has scenes from various day to day scenarios and highlights whats yummy ( good) or yucky ( bad) “Spaghetti is Yummy” – “Worms are Yucky” Children get to learn good habits as well as new words with this bestselling book!



Maisy Goes to Bed

A wonderful interactive book that will engage your child. The book has scenes for various items like brushing teeth, changing into night pyjamas, going to the toilet. The book has lift the flaps and pull the tabs and super engaging.  Must get this for your toddler.


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