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Encouraged by the success of Early Word Deck – Part II, we have extended the early words deck to 5 new languages. Early Word Deck – Part II is now Early Word Deck – Multilingual! The app is one of the few to provide first words for babies in Hindi and Kannada apart from English, Spanish, Italian and German. This will enable kids to learn their first words in their native languages. Additionally, if your child is a fast learner, simply switch the language and boost his speaking skills further.

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We know that young kids have a short attention span and thus we have also added exciting applauses and animations in Auditory Identification to keep them interested.

You can also send us feedback directly from the app if you think our translations to new languages can be improved further. The in-app feedback mechanism allows parents and users to have one on one conversation with our developers.

Watch this short video to learn about the new features :

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Pratiksha Gupta

Pratiksha Gupta

Founder and CEO at 1SpecialPlace
Pratiksha is the Founder of 1SpecialPlace. She has written several books, articles and designed apps for speech and language enhancement
Pratiksha Gupta

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