Online Speech Therapy Sessions

Online Speech Therapy Sessions

Don’t have a Online speech therapy professional near your home?
Not sure if your child has a problem ?
Looking for guidance on Speech Issues?
Looking for alternate Professional opinion?
Stammering Issues?


Take our online consultation from the convenience of your home and help your loved ones 



If you wish to know more about Speech Therapy, kindly contact us at

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  • sunita rai shekwar

    Dear Madam
    This is sunita rai shekwar from Bhopal (MP). My 16 years son is autistic (moderate). I tried test session on 09/11/2019 but no session was available. My son is verbal and his communication is limited to his needs. He is not able to initiate and sustain simple conversation. he rarely respond to new persons. He has rich vocabulary but unable to use it , Sometimes he shows and tell about pictures in news paper or book ,but it is mostly related to Cars, computers and food. I wanted to know how can your programme help him and ho can we use this facilities.
    I tried number 918861059645 but didn’t able to connect.
    Hoping for response.
    with regards
    sunita rai shekwar
    mobile : 9425604814

  • Rakesh Kumar

    मेरा बेटा हकलाता है

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