Early Word Deck App – Part I


We are excited to announce that we have 5000+ downloads for early word deck app for kids. The app is an ideal, innovative app for kids.

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early word deck part 1


This app by 1SpecialPlace makes learning for your child fun and exciting! Help your child learn his/her first 50 words easily and in no time they will be knowing more words than you. The app provides a multitude of features that make learning fun for the kid while allowing the parents to assess the progress of their child :1. Kids can swipe through flashcards to practice words, their pronunciation and spellings.

2. As a parent you can test and assess their progress, in the Auditory Identification, where words appear randomly and your kid has to identify the correct corresponding image

3. You can mark words that the child has difficulty with and help him/her concentrate on these.

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4. You can see how quickly your child is able to identify the words by selecting Auto in Auditory Identification. The time taken by the child as he/she identifies the correct image will be recorded in the background.

5. Share the progress report of your child by clicking the Share button via Email/Whatsapp etc.

Pratiksha Gupta

Pratiksha Gupta

Founder and CEO at 1SpecialPlace
Pratiksha is the Founder of 1SpecialPlace. She has written several books, articles and designed apps for speech and language enhancement
Pratiksha Gupta

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