MB12 Injections

MB12 Injections

A treatment option for kids with Autism Spectrum Disorders

I have been driven by the “many children with whom I spend half of my day” to take out time to write whatever little I know about MB 12 Injections.

mb12_injections_1Current upcoming biomedical research now explains Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) as a plausible ecological and gastrointestinal disorder in genetically vulnerable children.  MB12 Injections or Methyl- B12 or Methylcobalamin, is essentially a family of vital vitamins that detox our bodies from excess Sulphur.
Children with ASD have a defect in an enzyme that is needed to complete this process of detoxification.
Hence supplements of this vitamin help in improving these chemical processes in the body and surprisingly (indirectly) result in –

  • improved speech
  • language expression
  • socialization ( improved eye contact)
  • emotional control
  • personal awareness
  • mental processing
  • overall health

These injections should be continued along with the regular interventions of Speech/Language Therapy, OT and Special Education.

The success stories are many! There are plenty of studies reported in the West  that prove the benefits of MB 12 injections.Though we lack sufficient controlled data in the Indian context to prove the ‘quantity and quality’ of improvement but still this surely looks like a promising treatment option for children with ASD.

These injections are initially given for 3-6 months to see any discernible changes and continued later if found favourible.

Side effects include – hyperactivity and sleep disturbances, but these mellow down with time.


They are easy to administer at home. ( given subcutaneously) . Currently these injections are procured from USA.

Many of my ASD kids are taking the MB 12 injections and are showing good progress in my sessions, in school and at home 🙂

Find more info here – http://www.drneubrander.com/index.php

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  • Dr. jigar thacker

    I am looking for mb12 subque injections for my kid.from where can I get it?

    • Pratiksha Gupta

      Hello Dr. Jigar.
      I know that Dr. Deepak Gupta who sits at Gangaram Hospital in New Delhi prescribes MB12 injections. Many of the kids who I have seen taking the MB12s were referred by him. You can Google about him.


    I need preservative free mb12 shots for my 3 years autistic girl. I already have a prescription for that from Dr Deepak Gupta. can you please suggest how can i purchase it. earlier I ordered it from akhila autism foundation. can you provied the injections. i need a 25mg/ml (15.5 kg x 64.5 mcg) subcutaneous injections. delivery address will be in bhubneshwar.

    • Sonali

      Hi Mr. Chandan,
      Did you get the I jections?

  • Junan Meertins

    How can I receive free injections.
    I pay for therapy and the cost for having an autistic child is very difficult.
    Just need help.

  • Junan Meertins

    We have a 30 month autism child. Looking for help

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