Arushi, is a full time mother to a 18 month old baby girl. She realizes relationships in life and especially motherhood do not come with a manual. All women should learn from each other’s experiences and thus, she writes a blog, Being A Thinkaholic, to help people decode relationships, pregnancy and motherhood. Besides writing, she loves to travel and explore new places. The social media links to the blog are as follows:





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Tanushree is a Speech-Language Therapist who has been working mainly with the pediatric population. She is inspired by children with Autism and parents of children with special needs.There is so much to learn from them! Her writing draws inspiration from her experience as a pediatric therapist as well as from being a mother! She enjoys writing articles for parents as well as professionals in the field of Speech Pathology. Her writing reflects her hands-on experience in Early intervention as well as in the profession. Tanushree wants to build awareness about different speech and language disorders, provide useful (and fun!) strategies and activities for new therapists and families, be able to answer unanswered questions of parents and also provide guidance through her writing.



Anjana is a speech-language therapist and head of content development at 1SpecialPlace. She has been working with children and adults with communication challenges over the past 10 years. Her practice is holistic and evidence based, a combination of mainstream and alternative methods. She has a passion for writing feature articles and likes to interview parents and families to celebrate the gifts of children on the Autism Spectrum and other challenging conditions with the intention of spreading hope and inspiration to everyone in the community.